My first Park Run

So Thursday my couch to 5k took me to 25 minutes and I ran 4.5k, at that point I thought I might be able to give Park Run a go!

Today I did just that, I tried to do some research into as I had never been before, found out where to go and what to do (register, print your barcode, etiquette etc).

I turned up mega early, found some more first-timers and got chatting, it was uplifting to know that I wasn’t along with this being my first Park Run, and also really interesting to hear of others journeys to get to this point.

For Bedford, we met at the bandstand, and I knew this week was going to be different as I had heard beforehand that we were going to be encouraged to take a different route to the start and in fact run / jog to the start in memory and celebration of Matt Campbell who died following an attempt to run the London Marathon last week and was 3.7 miles short, and runners across the country had pledged to run that distance. (There has also been a fantastic fundraising effort for the Charity he was running for).

Anyway, we had our briefing as newbies, and made our way to the start, although I was cautious to not push myself at this point before I had even started!

At the start, there was a little milling about before off we went! a bit of a crowd to get going through and find my pace. Now this is the first time I have run with a crowd before and that was an experience in itself, I absolutely enjoyed it, finding others to pace with and I will be honest I think running with the crowd is what got me to the end.

Reaching and crossing the end was a fantastic feeling, a great sense that 6/7 weeks ago I could not have even dreamed of that point, nearly two months on I do feel fitter and better for it, and also keen to grow and develop as a runner.

I don’t have my official park run time yet, but according to my app I did 5k in 30 minutes which I am really happy about! So here is to the next park run, onwards and upwards.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
00:30:46 00:30:29 5.15 10.13 21.24 37.00
hours hours km km/h km/h meters

The start of my Marathon training!?

So on Sunday I once again headed down to London to help capture the fun and adventure of the London Marathon, and also cheer along friends who were taking part.

I have been going for nearly every year for the last five on behalf of Scout Radio to interview and take photos, I always find it an inspirational day and back when I first started I even discussed that I was inspired to want to run the Marathon before I am 40!

Since then I have tried to start running three or four times, I normally get a few weeks in and then give up or just stop, I have struggled with the commitment.

However, something has changed! Six weeks ago, inspired by a few friends that I think were doing a 10 mile or half marathon (I forget) I started to run again! Downloaded the Couch to 5k app, voiced by radio presenter Joe Whiley and off I went!

Sunday whilst at the Marathon I made the decision, that now is my time, I want to work and train hard and hope to run the London Marathon in two years time!

I know it’s going to be a hard journey, and still not 100% sure if I can even run that far or for that long, but only time will tell, I am determined and hope I have the commitment to see me through, that’s also why I am saying two years instead of one, I don’t want to overcommit myself.

I want to go running in lots of places, different park runs, half marathons and the like and would really welcome invites to go running and do events with people.

I also want to pick a charity or a two to take along on this journey, but that’s all still to be decided.

For me the next step if my first Park Run soon and then go forward from there!

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
00:34:21 00:34:00 5.09 8.98 22.68 13.70
hours hours km km/h km/h meters